All puppy parents are selected for temperament and conformation and live with their owners in a family environment.

Our aim is to produce excellent and beautiful family pets.


Astrid is an adorable apricot Mini Poodle with a lovely long and wavy coat. He has a super friendly yet quiet nature, and adores a pat. ‘Astrid’ is Danish for “divine strength”, and we hope Astrid will continue to deliver many strong and robust puppies for the program! His puppies are always just gorgeous.



Reid is a white and apricot Miniature Poodle who lives at home with Sam — one of Greater Springfield Veterinary’s nurses — and his best buddies Flynn (a Golden Retriever) and Red (a Standard Poodle who has retired from the program). Reid is a bit of a water baby and loves nothing more than going for a splash around in the ocean. He is playful and smart, and is as happy playing in the yard as he is curled up with his owner on the couch.







Morris is a handsome and gentle Standard Poodle who has been a part of the project for a number of years. He has sired many beautiful and healthy litters, with the puppies being wonderful in temperament. Morris loves a scratch behind the ears and a regular walk with his friends — two Groodles in his neighbourhood. Pictures coming soon!


George is a gentle F2 Mini Groodle. He was one of the pups born to Tilly and Astrid and was chosen to become a ‘dad’ for our program. He lives with his wonderful family in Brisbane and is spoiled everyday!