Adopting a cat?

They’re adorable, fluffy, feisty, and their antics have many of us enraptured every single day!

Ah, cats….

They’re the stars of the internet and hold a special place in hearts all over the world.

Get the following points right and you’ll reap the rewards of a wonderful and fulfilling relationship:

Coat Type:

Would you like your cat to be sleek and slim, or fluffy and puffy?

  • Shorthaired breeds tend to require less grooming then longhaired breeds.
  • A special cat breed called a ‘Sphynx’ is completely hairless!
  • Longhaired breeds can be spectacularly beautiful but will absolutely require daily grooming.
  • Some longhaired breeds shed much more vigorously than other longhaired breeds (for example, Persian cats shed more than Ragdoll cats).
  • If someone in your household tends to suffer from allergy problems, a longhaired breed of any sort probably won’t be the best choice.
  • Longhaired cats who require body-clipping or lengthy brushing and knot removal generally require a light anaesthetic each time.


Though there will always be personality differences between individual cats within a specific breed, each breed, on the whole, does offer distinct personality traits. In fact, there are many breed-specific traits that you’ll want to take into consideration:

  • Some breeds are much better with children than others.
  • Some will get along better with other household pets.
  • Some will prefer to be the only cat in the household, while others will long for a kitty companion.

It is common to not necessarily think about cat personality traits (most people consider this more of a ‘dog thing’).

Some cat breeds (such as the Bengal or Siamese) can be particularly demanding and may not suit ‘first timers’.

Health Concerns:

Moggies can make great pets – You’ll likely spend a lot less cash in acquiring one, and he or she may be much less vulnerable to genetic problems (due to breeding within a larger gene pool) for which purebred cats must be carefully screened.

Certain cat breeds can be predisposed to heart, kidney, joint, skin, dental or behavioural issues. 

Activity Level

Some cat breeds are notorious for displaying vigorous activity levels!

  • If you’re a high energy sort of person, you’ll want the cat to match.
  • Active cat breeds may have a tendency may also be more vocal, so take that into consideration as well when choosing your energizer kitty.
  • Active cat breeds may not be suitable for a strict indoor lifestyle – if an animal is not able to display natural behaviour traits (such as climbing etc) this can cause them to become stressed.
  • If you are planning on keeping your cat indoors, ensure you have plenty of things around the house to keep it occupied.

Your Schedule:

Some cat breeds are notorious for hounding their humans for attention, and some prefer solitude as opposed to constant companionship.

  • Be fair to your potential pet, as they are coming into your life by you choosing them, so finding the breed that works best for you is the ideal situation.

It’s All Part Of The Fun!

The cat that you choose to bring home could easily be a member of your family for the next 15 or 20 years, so doing your research is important!

The payoff will come in the form of a companion that will enrich the lives of every member of your family for many years to come.

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