How to care for your senior pet

For animal lovers, watching a pet companion grow older is a comforting and rewarding experience. It is hard to believe that the same bundle of energy, tearing around the house so many years ago is now the calm and kind old friend, curled in your laps, or at your feet. Your pet may ‘slow down’ […]

Surviving Summer

Beat the Summer Heat – A dog owners guide

We are well and truly into summer this year with temperatures on the rise. It’s extremely important to look out for your pet in these incalescent months. There has been an increase of animals being admitted with cases of heatstroke, so I’ve put together my own basic guide to surviving summer this year. Keep your pets indoors […]

Winter is Here, is your Puppy Prepared?

While we don’t have snow storms or White walkers up in sunny Queensland during Winter, we can sure feel that cold bite on most days. As I write this, it is currently 7 degrees outside, I sit here at my computer with a warm cup of hot chocolate, a blanket around me and Luna the […]

Hello from Singapore

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to buy a puppy from you. We are the family from Singapore and the puppy is Richie More importantly just wanted to say how grateful we are to have Richie. I’m not sure if we are just lucky or all your puppies are just as amazing but he […]

‘Run for Life’ Dog Walk

Greater Springfield Veterinary is a proud sponsor for this year’s annual ‘Run for Life’ 2km Dog Walk! Get the family out and about and join us for some community fun! This event aims to raise money for Westside Community Care, a not-for-profit community focused organisation – and we would love you to join us in supporting this deserving cause. […]

Episode 3 – The Puppies Have Arrived!

After spending weeks walking around looking like she had swallowed a hot air balloon, Miss Rosie finally gave birth to her puppies last Saturday! We spent the last 2 weeks prior making bets as to how many she would have. Having seen 6 on her first ultrasound, the favourite prediction was 8. We all laughed […]

Episode 2 – Rosie is Going to Be a Mummy!

The results are in and our little Rosie is pregnant! For those of you who might not know, Rosie is one of the doggy mums involved in the Groodles Australia Project (see I would like to extend a big thank you to retriever dad J.D and his wonderful family for their contribution – everyone […]

Episode 1 – Introducing Yoda & Rosie

Our pets. What would our lives be without them. Probably blissfully fluff and drool free, amiright? *Up Top*. But in all seriousness, pets bring a richness and love to our lives like nothing else can. They are our loyal, loving companions, and in some cases our surprisingly consistent alarm clocks. They are our special gift […]

AVBA Business Manager of the Year

Here at Springfield District Vets we’d like to announce that our practice owner and principal veterinarian Jeannet Kessels has been awarded the Australian Veterinary Business Association’s Business Manager of the Year award. Jeannet was among an esteemed number of practice managers to apply for the award and was honoured to learn that she had been […]

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Our vets are available 7am-10pm,
7 days a week.
T: (07) 3288 1574

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Our vets are available 7am-10pm,
7 days a week (at our Brookwater Hospital)
Tel: (07) 3288 1574

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Greater Springfield Veterinary has been caring for the pets of Ipswich under the leadership of Dr Jeannet Kessels since 2006. We are one dedicated team working across two easy-to-access locations.


NATIONAL WINNER ASAVA Practice of Excellence Award (Springfield Clinic)

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The whole team have just been absolute superstars in taking care of my little puppy Barley, who is a recent addition to our family and ended up having Parvo when I bought him. They took my concerns seriously and got an early diagnosis and have nursed him back to health from what is a really serious virus.

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