Coat & Grooming
Coat types are dependent on the parent dogs, and while it is possible to predict to an extent whether a puppy is likely to shed, this cannot be completely guaranteed.

Coat types fall into the categories of:

  • Fleece Coat (straight and thick)
  • Wool Coat (tight and curly)
  • Short Coat (less dense and short)

The Groodle’s coat is considered to be very light shedding, making this breed a good match for people suffering from low-grade allergies, however, any of the above coat types may shed.

It is important to note that no studies have proven that any canine is completely hypoallergenic. This is because dog allergies are triggered by a protein shed from the skin of a dog, not from the fur or wool itself. The skin protein (attached to the hair strands) is what people with allergies usually react to. 

The Poodle component of the Groodle breed assists in producing a wooly/curly coat type which can reduce flyaway hairs and excessive shedding, thus reducing the incidence of a potential allergic reaction in people.

Groodles Australia staff assess the potential for a dog to shed by looking at the length of an individual’s eyelashes at approximately 6-8 weeks of age. The shorter the eyelashes, the more likely the dog is to shed. Groodles Australia staff always assess coat types to ensure we match appropriate pups with the needs of the individuals adopting them.


Coat types and lifestyle play a large role in the frequency of grooming required. The Groodle coat will naturally pick up small amounts of debris from the immediate environment and regular brushing should be performed to avoid tangles and matting, particularly behind the ears, in the tail plume, and around the mouth.

Some owners choose to shave their Groodle’s coat completely twice a year, and if this is the case, not a lot of grooming is required in between. Those wishing to spend time pampering their pooches may enjoy allowing their Groodles coat to grow longer – we think they look gorgeous either way!

Allow your pup to get used to grooming early in life so it becomes comfortable with handling, grooming exercises and grooming equipment. Regular, minor grooming exercises for short periods of time, and in conjunction with positive reinforcements (such as treats or cuddles) are a good place to start!


Examining your Groodles’ ears regularly is a good idea, as the structure of the ear is ‘floppy’ and does not allow for much ventilation. Make a habit of flipping the ears back and taking a quick peek underneath to ensure the openings are clean and are not omitting any odours.


Cotton buds are not usually recommended for ear cleaning as they can cause damage to the structures inside the ear if used incorrectly. Instead, try wiping the insides of the ears with some soft cotton swabs, lightly soaked in a suitable ear cleaner and wrapped around your index finger.

Groodles must have their ears properly dried after an ear clean, bath or swim to avoid infections which can be caused by the build-up of moisture left behind.


The eyes should be cleaned daily with a warm, wet cotton ball to prevent a build-up of eye discharge and to reduce tear staining. A small amount of daily discharge can be normal for this breed. Trimming carefully around eyes on a regular basis can also help to keep them clean.


Bathing is only required as necessary and is usually not required more often than once a month. When you do bathe your Groodle, it is important to use a gentle, veterinary-recommended shampoo that will not harshly strip any natural oils from the skin or coat.

A towel dry followed by a quick blow-dry should have your Groodle set in no time! Brushing the coat as you blow-dry can reduce drying time, and make your Groodle’s coat super fluffy!


Most dogs that have an active lifestyle do not require routine nail trimming. If and when they do need a trim, you may do this yourself, or have a professional do it for you. It can be tricky to master nail clipping, as some Groodle’s have black toenails, making it difficult to see exactly where to clip without causing the nail to bleed.

Our Groodles Australia and Greater Springfield Veterinary staff are happy to give you a lesson if you are feeling unsure about performing this yourself.


Groodles Australia is a generous, community-minded, social enterprise, breeding the most beautiful, sound, healthy and intelligent Groodle pups for the enrichment of all involved.

Groodles have become a popular choice for many, with some being specially trained to become service dogs, companion animals for children with disabilities (including autism) and as medical alert dogs (for diabetics and epileptics).

This beautiful breed suits individuals and families from all walks of life, and we think they are very special indeed.

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Established in 2006, Groodles Australia has now morphed into a wonderfully fun and generous community project, allowing us to promote a beautiful breed of companion dog, and facilitate significant donations to charitable causes. 

As of 2018, Groodles Australia has donated over $400,000 to charity. 

The beauty of Groodles Australia is that it provides scope for significant donations to organisations which are dear to the hearts of our veterinary team and participating guardian families.





Please email us for expressions of interest, to make a donation, or to join Groodles Australia.

Our website contact can be found here:



Hello all its Bree, Locky and Donna We just wanted to let you know that Oscar (little boy) is doing very well. Today he went to puppy day care and he went very well top of the class. He is enjoying our garden very much, his our own little gardener, his pulling out the grass and watering it for us, oh and pulling out our sprinklers. He is so great he has made our life wonderful we still have much to learn. Thanks so much, we would recommend you to anybody who would be thinking of buying a groodle. Once again thanks.

Jenni & Tilly

We are very happy with our decision to purchase our groodle pup. Purchasing Tilly through Jeannet’s groodle program gave us confidence that we were buying a healthy pup Tilly has settled in quickly; and with the help of puppy pre-school is an easy to train, beautiful natured dog. She has quickly found a place in all our hearts. She is always close by, enjoys being handled, is easy to groom, easy to please. She puts a smile on all our faces every day!

Regards, Jenni

Thank you so much for the effort that you put in to join her with us, we couldn't be happier as she fit in straight away.
Her favourite things seem to be eating cheese (much like myself), attempting to get our cats to play with her (they do not agree with this), chasing her frisbee, and stealing the best seat on the couch!

Emma Bourke