Any dogs used for breeding through Groodles Australia are registered as part of the QLD Government’s new breeder registration scheme to combat puppy farms and backyard breeders.

Our Breeder Identification Number is: 0000221842105.

We align ourselves with the RSPCA’s standards for responsible breeders and abide by the strict, ethical code of practice as follows:



1 – We plan ahead and aim to find good homes for every puppy we breed

We plan for EVERY litter. We make sure there is a steady demand for our pups, meaning they will all have loving homes to go to, and a smooth adoption process will ensue. We offer the following guarantees:

  • All mum/dad pairings and litters are planned for in advance.
  • The mother will always be at full adult physical development prior to breeding, and will not be bred during her first heat.
  • The mother will have no more than 3 litters and will have appropriate time to recover between litters.
  • The breeding program is run under the guidance of Greater Springfield Veterinary.
  • Suitable, permanent homes are determined through an intensive screening process before our pups are ready for adoption.
  • Any pups not adopted within a specific timeframe will continue to live with the breeder, or with a Greater Springfield Veterinary staff member until the right home is found.

2 – We provide a high standard of care and appropriate living conditions for our animals

Our Groodle mothers and fathers are existing pets within a loving guardian family. These families provide higher standards of living than most breeders, and as each guardian family is responsible for only one litter at a time, you can be assured that our pups have a safe, clean and spacious environment to grow, eat, sleep and play in. We offer the following guarantees:

  • The living environment that our pups are born into and grow up in is always clean.
  • There is ample space for the pups and adult dogs to move around and exercise in.
  • The pups (and adult dogs) are given appropriate items to chew and play with.
  • The adults are well socialised with other dogs and people.
  • The pups (and adult dogs) are fed at regular intervals, and with a high-quality pet food product.
  • The entire litter will have regular visits to and from Greater Springfield Veterinary staff, who can provide full health information and records for new owners.

3 – We are genuinely concerned about the welfare of our animals

We do not breed Groodles for a specific colour or look. Instead, we breed with a focus on the health of the dog as our main priority. Our veterinary staff monitor the mother Groodles during pregnancy and our pups are checked regularly during thier first weeks of life. We offer the following guarantees:

  • As our mother and father Groodles are members of guardian families, they are kept by their original owners once retired to live a full, happy life.
  • No Groodle from Groodles Australia will ever have it’s tail docked.
  • To combat puppy farming and the ensure the welfare of our dogs, all Groodles Australia pups will be desexed prior to being re-homed.
  • Upon adoption of a Groodle pup, you will be provided with veterinary recommended advice on diet, socialisation, registration and identification requirements, and when future medications or vaccinations your puppy is required to receive, are due.

4 – We are contactable, open to questions, and can provide a complete history of the puppy

Groodles Australia staff are open to all questions. Individuals with general queries are encouraged to contact us at:

Individuals chosen to receive a puppy will be given a more direct contact method and a specific contact person to liaise with. We offer the following guarantees:

  • Potential owners will be well informed about their new Groodle and will be provided with information regarding the background, size, breed, and temperament of the parents.
  • We will answer all reasonable questions and provide appropriate access to registration and veterinary records.

5 – We make sure that you will suit the puppy – and the puppy will suit you.

When a litter is made public for adoption, you will undergo a vetting process to ensure you, your family and other existing animals are a suitable match for one of our pups. Individual pups may require specific adoption situations based on temperament, activity level, size, and purpose.

6 – We breed to produce happy, healthy pets, free from known genetic disorders.

All of the breeding Groodles involved in our program are Hip Scored, Elbow Scored and DNA profiled. All of our pups are microchipped, health checked, vaccinated and desexed. We offer the following guarantees:

  • We take all required steps to ensure our puppies are bred without inherited diseases.
  • Our puppies are NEVER mated with close relatives, including: brother/sister, father/daughter, mother/son, grandfather/granddaughter, grandmother/grandson, cousin/cousin.
  • We always put health, welfare and temperament above appearance. Our pups are bred to be family, companion and support dogs, not show dogs.

7 – We provide ongoing support and information to new owners.

Groodles Australia provides ongoing support to new Groodle puppy owners by the means of email and phone communication. Local owners will be able to take advantage of continued veterinary care at one of our two veterinary practices – reinforcing the bond with our friendly and familiar staff.

8 – We provide a ‘cooling off’ period.

Groodles Australia provides a minimum ‘cooling off’ period so families may ensure the pup they receive is the ‘right fit’ for them. We guarantee to take back any puppy that is not suitable during this period.

9 – We can provide testimonials and records.

Groodles Australia is a veterinary run breeding program (as opposed to an ‘enthusiast’ breeding program), so you can be assured that highly trained veterinary staff have been involved in all stages of the process.

References and Testimonials can be provided by previous and existing owners, the staff of Greater Springfield Veterinary and we can provide documents indicating the up to date registration of our breeders.

10 – We meet all legal requirements.

All Groodles Australia Breeders are registered under the QLD Dog Breeder Registration Act.

As Groodles are a cross breed, they are not recognised as an official breed by the Australian National Kennel Council or Dogs Queensland, therefore no membership can be obtained through these organisations.