Our pets. What would our lives be without them. Probably blissfully fluff and drool free, amiright? *Up Top*.

But in all seriousness, pets bring a richness and love to our lives like nothing else can. They are our loyal, loving companions, and in some cases our surprisingly consistent alarm clocks. They are our special gift and we need to do our best to look after them and keep them safe.

I adore animals (a good thing if you are a vet) and our domestic long-haired cat, Yoda, and Golden Retriever, Rosie, are a big part of my partner’s and my life. I talk about my animals like some people tell funny stories about their kids and what better to tell these tales than via the complete privacy of the internet (ha!). Over the next few months I hope to share some of my furry family’s (mis)adventures with the aim of nothing more than to put a smile on your face and show the world a vet’s pets aren’t perfect. They will be no rival to the antics of “Roomba Cat” or “Boo- The Cutest Dog in the World”, but hopefully you find The Adventures of Yoda and Rosie to be as entertaining as I do.