The results are in and our little Rosie is pregnant! For those of you who might not know, Rosie is one of the doggy mums involved in the Groodles Australia Project (see

I would like to extend a big thank you to retriever dad J.D and his wonderful family for their contribution – everyone is very excited! Over the next few months we plan on sharing the progress of Rosie’s pregnancy and of course the puppies when they arrive.

At this stage Rosie is in her 5th week of pregnancy. One week ago Dr Karen performed Rosie’s first ultrasound that showed her little peanut sized puppies! At this stage of pregnancy, the puppies are starting to develop their little faces and their organ systems start to grow. The 5th weeks is a very rapid growth phase for the puppies and each embryo may double in size!

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Puppy Pregnancy Fun Fact 1 – Did you know pregnancy in dogs is 63 days (9 weeks)? Unlike humans, it is very rare for birth (or “whelping) to be early or late. – See more at: