After spending weeks walking around looking like she had swallowed a hot air balloon, Miss Rosie finally gave birth to her puppies last Saturday! We spent the last 2 weeks prior making bets as to how many she would have. Having seen 6 on her first ultrasound, the favourite prediction was 8. We all laughed when someone suggested 10. She had 12…..

12 puppies! Can you imagine! 8 girls and 4 boys. No wonder she looked like she was about to pop! The births all went smoothly and Rosie and puppies are doing very well. They are now 7 days old and have almost doubled in size. Whilst mum only has 10 teats, they have somehow developed their own rotational feeding system, which I find quite clever of them. For puppies that keep latching and suckling onto Rosie’s bottom thinking it’s a teat, I’d say that they have in fact they have out done themselves.

I am not a mother, but I think I am adjusting quite well to the role of foster mum. Although, the constant need to head count is rather disconcerting – I feel a bit OCD. I imagine it’s like when families go to the beach and mum is constantly looking out to make sure the kids are still around “1, 2, 3… Humphrey! Huummpphh-rey!!! Don’t suck on your brother’s ear! Don’t make me come over there!” Well maybe not quite the same then…

The one major problem with this is that they all look the same. I am getting better at telling them apart, but it has taken all my self control not to whip out a bottle of nail polish and slather big numbers on their backs. To be honest I don’t even think Rosie can tell them apart – I suppose when you’ve got 12 bottoms to clean it doesn’t matter who they are.