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Are you registered breeders?
Yes. Any dogs used for breeding through Groodles Australia are registered as part of the QLD Government’s new breeder registration scheme to combat puppy farms and backyard breeders.

Our Breeder Identification Number is: 0000221842105

Why are you not aligned with associations such as Dogs Queensland, ANKC, AAPDB or PIAA?
As Groodles are ‘hybrid’ dogs, they do not conform to any of the strict breeding standards found within associations such as the Australian National Kennel Council. Instead of focusing on certain ‘aesthetic qualities’, Groodles Australia concentrates specifically on the health, temperament and ethical breeding practices of this breed.
What is the price for a puppy?

Standard, Medium and Mini Groodle pups are $4,180 including GST. This is inclusive of your pups first vaccination, microchipping, desexing and up-to-date parasite control.

All proceeds (after costs) are donated to charity.

Why do you charge so much for a cross bred dog?

Groodles were bred from a cross between a poodle and a golden retriever originally to make the perfect assistance dog.

Poodles are very intelligent dogs who tend to have low shedding hair but they can lack social skills, breeding them with the friendly Golden Retriever meant that they would make the perfect assistance dog.

Our goal at Groodles Australia is to breed high quality assistance dogs, but not all puppies are built for assistance, so therefor go as family pets.

The reason for the price we charge is because all our breeding dogs have been fully hip and elbow scored, DNA tested and temperament tested, as well as the vet work our puppies receive.

The profit made after these costs goes directly to charities.

The reason why many people purchase a dog from us is because they know they are receiving a high quality dog that is bred ethically in a loving family home and the money they spend is going to a worthy cause.

Do I pay a deposit?

We will contact you to inform you that you have been approved for a pup. At this point, we will require a deposit of $1500. This deposit is non-refundable.  If you no longer wish to purchase a puppy, this deposit will be used as a donation to one of the charities supported by Groodles Australia.

The total remaining balance can be paid to Groodles Australia by direct deposit before receiving your puppy.

When is your next litter available?

We can not guarantee the number of litters that will be available and therefore do not operate a waiting list. We will announce the availability of pups when they are 4 -6 weeks of age through our Facebook page. From there, you should head to our litters page and fill in an individual puppy profile sheet. If there are no puppy profile sheets available on this page, it means we do not have any pups available for adoption – do check in with us again soon!

Can I see the litter, parent dogs and environmental conditions before adoption?

Successful applicants are welcome to meet the guardian family and the dog parents before committing to a puppy. This can be arranged at a time that suits our guardian family and staff. If you live interstate, we will happily send you pictures of your pup prior to adoption.

How are pups matched to families?
Groodles Australia will be ultimately responsible for puppy selection, and all efforts will be made to match a pups temperament, energy level and coat type with your individual needs. Once puppies are 6 weeks old we will assess coat and personality types to match with prospective new owners. Applicants will receive an email at this stage to let them know if we have a suitable puppy for their family. The selection process is made by matching owners to puppies from previously filled out questionnaires to ensure that we are placing the best puppy with each family.
At what age do I receive my pup?
Pups are able to go to their new homes when they are between 8-10 weeks of age.
From where do I collect my pup?
Groodle puppies are to be collected from either Greater Springfield Veterinary location (Springfield or Augustine Heights) depending on the day and time of collection. Both locations possess quality, veterinary-recommended foods and accessories and our staff can assist you with the selection of suitable products if required.
I do not live in Brisbane – how do I receive my pup?
Transport logistics and their associated costs must be managed by any new owners who are unable to collect a pup from our veterinary locations, or if purchasing a pup from interstate or overseas. Our Groodles Australia team are happy to liaise with you to ensure your pups onward journey is smooth and as stress free as possible. Please see our transport page for more details and a list of reputable transport companies.
Do you guarantee a healthy pup?
Groodles Australia is proud to adopt healthy and loveable dogs, and are always upfront and honest with new adopting families. We guarantee our breeding dogs do not carry genetic markers for hereditary conditions. Parent hip and elbow scores are guaranteed to be within the breeding standard.

Pups are health checked by a veterinarian at birth, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age, and again on the day of their departure from our care.

Groodles Australia strongly advises the immediate commencement of pet insurance prior to the delivery of your pup.

Groodles Australia will not accept responsibility for treatment costs for pups who become unwell once they are with their new families*.

*Few exceptions may apply and these are determined on a case by case basis

Are Groodles ‘hypoallergenic’?
We do not recommend Groodles to people with serious allergies. Although the breed usually possesses a low shedding coat, this is not always the case.

It is important to note that no studies have proven that any canine is completely hypoallergenic. This is because dog allergies are triggered by a protein shed from the skin of a dog, not from the fur or wool itself. The skin protein (attached to the hair) is what people with allergies usually react to.

The Poodle component of the Groodle breed assists in producing a wooly/curly coat type which can reduce flyaway hairs and excessive shedding, thus reducing the incidence of a potential allergic reaction in people.

Can I receive my Groodle without it being desexed?
All Groodles are sent to their homes, already desexed. This is to combat unwanted litters and backyard breeding once they leave the Groodles Australia program.

On occasion, we will reserve an outstanding Groodle pup for breeding through the Groodles Australia program. If you are interested in adopting one of our future breeding pups, please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss what is involved in the program, or how else you may contribute your support for Groodles Australia.

Why are your Groodle puppies desexed so early?
To combat puppy farming and the ensure the welfare of our dogs, all Groodles Australia pups will be desexed prior to being re-homed.

We follow the RSPCA guidelines for humane early desexing protocols.

How many litters do you produce a year?
We do not have a set number of litters per year and therefore, do not pre-arrange, or ‘wait-list’ our adopting families. We rely on the support of our guardian families who raise our pups in their own homes, and our ‘mums’ (the guardian family’s own pet) will deliver no more than three litters before she is desexed.
How is the money for charity allocated?
Greater Springfield Veterinary charges veterinary products, services, staff time and expenses to Groodles Australia, and all remaining funds from the sale of a litter are donated. This program runs under the professional supervision of Walker Hill Accountants in Brisbane, and the professional bookkeeping company, TrackMyNumbers.
Who are the guardian families?
Groodles Australia relies on the generosity of its participants, not only in allowing their family pet to be used for careful breeding, but also in the time and effort that they commit.

Our beautiful guardian families may own a male stud dog (usually a Poodle or Groodle) or a female dog (usually a Golden Retriever or Groodle). The guardian families responsible for the female breeding dog will ultimately care for our beautiful pups in their own home until the time of puppy adoption.

Each family is interviewed and we visit their home to ensure they share the same values as Groodles Australia before being accepted into the program.

Our guardian families are visited regularly by Groodles Australia staff who ensure our mums, dads and pups are healthy and happy from mating to pregnancy, and from whelping through to the time of puppy adoption.

For more information on joining our wonderful breeding program or to enquire about becoming a Groodle guardian, please email us.


Groodles Australia is a generous, community-minded, social enterprise, breeding the most beautiful, sound, healthy and intelligent Groodle pups for the enrichment of all involved.

Groodles have become a popular choice for many, with some being specially trained to become service dogs, companion animals for children with disabilities (including autism) and as medical alert dogs (for diabetics and epileptics).

This beautiful breed suits individuals and families from all walks of life, and we think they are very special indeed.

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Established in 2006, Groodles Australia has now morphed into a wonderfully fun and generous community project, allowing us to promote a beautiful breed of companion dog, and facilitate significant donations to charitable causes. 

As of 2018, Groodles Australia has donated over $400,000 to charity. 

The beauty of Groodles Australia is that it provides scope for significant donations to organisations which are dear to the hearts of our veterinary team and participating guardian families.





Please email us for expressions of interest, to make a donation, or to join Groodles Australia.

Our website contact can be found here:




Hello all its Bree, Locky and Donna We just wanted to let you know that Oscar (little boy) is doing very well. Today he went to puppy day care and he went very well top of the class. He is enjoying our garden very much, his our own little gardener, his pulling out the grass and watering it for us, oh and pulling out our sprinklers. He is so great he has made our life wonderful we still have much to learn. Thanks so much, we would recommend you to anybody who would be thinking of buying a groodle. Once again thanks.

Jenni & Tilly

We are very happy with our decision to purchase our groodle pup. Purchasing Tilly through Jeannet’s groodle program gave us confidence that we were buying a healthy pup Tilly has settled in quickly; and with the help of puppy pre-school is an easy to train, beautiful natured dog. She has quickly found a place in all our hearts. She is always close by, enjoys being handled, is easy to groom, easy to please. She puts a smile on all our faces every day!

Regards, Jenni

Thank you so much for the effort that you put in to join her with us, we couldn't be happier as she fit in straight away.
Her favourite things seem to be eating cheese (much like myself), attempting to get our cats to play with her (they do not agree with this), chasing her frisbee, and stealing the best seat on the couch!

Emma Bourke