Groodles Australia is a community
program with a generous spirit.

Beautiful, healthy, intelligent Groodle puppies!


Please email us at: for expressions of interest, to place a deposit on a puppy, or to join Groodles Australia. Our website contact can be found here:



    Currently, we are committed to donating $40,000 per year to the Timor Children’s Foundation. If funds allow, a further $20,000 will be donated to Beyond Blue.

    Any donations reached beyond these combined amounts are then decided upon by Greater Springfield Veterinary Staff and Groodle Guardian Families.


    Groodles Australia is a generous, community-minded, social enterprise, breeding the most beautiful, sound, healthy and intelligent Groodle pups for the enrichment of all involved.

    Groodles have become a popular choice for many, with some being specially trained to become service dogs, companion animals for children with disabilities (including autism) and as medical alert dogs (for diabetics and epileptics).

    This beautiful breed suits individuals and families from all walks of life, and we think they are very special indeed.


    Hello all its Bree, Locky and Donna We just wanted to let you know that Oscar (little boy) is doing very well. Today he went to puppy day care and he went very well top of the class. He is enjoying our garden very much, his our own little gardener, his pulling out the grass and watering it for us, oh and pulling out our sprinklers. He is so great he has made our life wonderful we still have much to learn. Thanks so much, we would recommend you to anybody who would be thinking of buying a groodle. Once again thanks.
    Jenni & Tilly