Earlier this year I was lucky enough to buy a puppy from you. We are the family from Singapore and the puppy is Richie

More importantly just wanted to say how grateful we are to have Richie. I’m not sure if we are just lucky or all your puppies are just as amazing but he is simply a wonderful dog. We live in a condo with over 200 people on the property and I would say more than half know Richie. Just to put some perspective on this, about 4 people know me. He is calm with all children, loves other dogs and basically is a walking teddy bear.

He runs like the wind – super fast, loves the beach, never barks – unless he is talking to you and wants to play. Don’t get me wrong, he has killed several pairs of shoes, chewed our table to bits and will steal every stuffed toy my children own if given the chance.

From the beginning of the process, including difficulties with Singapore importation, transportation, the team at Springfield were brilliant. I would recommend Springfield to anyone and in fact have mentioned you to all the numerous people who have stopped me when walking Richie.

Thanks a million times over our lovely little man. He has been the most wonderful edition to our family!

Marianne, Frazer, Annabelle, Francesca & Richie