All of our puppy parents are selected with great care and consideration, factoring in temperament and conformation. They happily live with their owners in family environments, leading rich and stimulating lives. Our aim is to produce excellent and beautiful family pets.

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Millie is an adorable F1 Mini Groodle. She is a fun and active family dog. She loves cuddles and to please her family, who take her on regular long walks. She had her first litter in 2016, with nine gorgeous little puppies.







Georgie is an F3 Standard Groodle with a non-shedding coat and a gentle and affectionate personality, who loves to give cuddles. Like many of our mums and dads in the program, she loves walks on the beach with her owners, who also take her camping regularly. Georgie’s owner Sandy has done some incredible work for the program over the years and we can’t thank her enough.






Poppy is the much loved companion of Greater Springfield Veterinary‘s Senior Vet Nurse Sandra. She is a Golden Retriever, originally from Rosie’s first litter. She loves a face rub and rolls over for belly rubs, and always greets you with a big smile on her face. You’ll always find her with a soft toy in her mouth. She’s taken motherhood in her stride and produced her first litter at the beginning of 2017.




Lola is an affectionate Golden Retriever who loves being a part of her family and lives with another Golden Retriever called ‘Casey’. She enjoys regular long walks and play time. Lola is always ready to give her owners lots of cuddles and meet new people.





Gypsy is a stunning cream coloured Groodle who joined the program in 2012. She has a wonderfully bubbly personality. She is very friendly and outgoing and enjoys being active with her favourite game being fetch. She is excitable and a bit mischievous but is able to settle on her own and adores the affections of her family. She is great with the family’s two young children and gets along famously with the family’s cat. Gypsy’s human dad has served in East Timor and so the entire family is very eager to contribute to the East Timor Fund. Gypsy will be having her last very special litter in 2017.


Mable is an F1 Mini Groodle. She is a great family dog who loves water, whether it’s from the hose or in the pool or at the beach. Mable lives with her big sister Elsa, who is now retired from the project, and is great with the kids. She’s outgoing and loves meeting new people, to whom she always offers a cuddle. Mable has become an excellent mum to her puppies.







Winnie is a beautiful Golden Retriever female and our latest addition to the project! When she is older we hope that Winnie will be a great mum to some mini Groodle Puppies!





Toots is an F3 Mini Groodle who absolutely adores going to the beach. She’s an energetic and fun-loving family dog. She is a great mum, who likes to go on adventures with her family.






Willow the Golden Retriever is a very smart, loyal and obedient companion. She loves having her belly rubbed and enjoys daily walks with her big sister Lucy (an Australian Shepherd), meeting new people and dogs along the way! She loves playing games like fetch, chase and tug, as well as running on the beach and playing in the waves. Willow is a much loved member of her family and a wonderful addition to our program.