• Unlimited routine consultations – bring your pet in as many times as you like during the year without paying a cent!
  • 2 x half price, emergency consultations – bring your pet in after-hours without the financial worry!
  • 1 x yearly vaccination – all costs covered!
  • Unlimited nail trims
  • 2 x hydrobaths (for our canine members)
  • 2 x nights of cat boarding (for our feline members)
  • 1 x comprehensive blood screening test (run in-house)
  • 1 x basic urine screen (run in-house)
  • 20% off desexing – especially beneficial for our younger members!
  • 1 x microchip implant
  • 20% off puppy school classes
  • 10% off ALL parasite prevention products (worming/flea/tick/heartworm – this offer is also available for members of our Parasite Prevention program!)
  • 10% off ALL food (including prescription diets) and merchandise
  • $200 off ANY dental procedure costs (including tooth extractions, routine cleaning etc)

Our program also complements third-party pet insurance plans. Pet Club memberships cover preventative health costs (vaccinations, parasite prevention, diets, dental care, grooming costs) while pet insurance covers reactive health costs (illness, injury). The more services you require, the more you save!

Entrants are eligible if they have attended either Springfield District Veterinary Clinic OR Greater Springfield Veterinary Hospital for a routine health check including vaccination, new puppy or kitten check or a senior health examination appointment.
  • Prize must be claimed for the pet seen for the routine health visit as outlined above.
  • Competition entries will not be accepted for conditions seen other than a routine health examination.
  • Winner may be selected from either Springfield District Veterinary clinic or Greater Springfield Veterinary Hospital clientele.
  • Entrants can fill in an entry form after the routine consultation has been performed and account is settled.
  • The Winner will be entitled to all Springfield Pet Club inclusions and this will be valid from the date of competition drawn.
  • The winner cannot redeem prize total for cash or other services not included in the Pet Club membership.
  • Competition ends 31st January at 8pm. Entries from visits on the 31st January will be accepted.
  • The winner will be contacted by phone or other suitable contact method provided.