The Greater Springfield Veterinary Senior Pet Month is designed to help pet owners improve and maintain the health of their pets.

  1. The Senior Pet Month promotion is available from June 1st – July 31st at any Greater Springfield Veterinary location.
  2. Bookings are essential. We encourage you to specify that you would like to book for the ‘Senior Pet Month’ appointment, or, select the ‘Senior Pet Month’ appointment type if booking online. This allows our team to prepare for your appointment accordingly.
  3. Consultations may be made during regular consulting hours only: Springfield (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 3pm Saturday), Eden’s Crossing (8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 12pm Saturday), Augustine Heights 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 3pm Saturday).
  4. The Senior Pet Month Promotion is designed as a wellness screen and is available for dogs and cats aged 7 years and over, and not currently displaying any obvious signs of illness.
  5. If an annual vaccination is required and performed at the same time of our Senior Pet Month promotion, a 10% discount on the vaccination fee will be offered.
  6. In cases of moderate to severe arthritis, additional or alternative arthritis treatments may be required. Please speak to your veterinarian regarding options & costs.
  7. As the Senior Pet Month promotion provides heavily discounted inclusions and services, it is not available in conjunction with any other offer, or discounts.
  8. The cost for the Senior Pet Month promotion is $329.00 and includes:

7.1 20% off specific Hills Science Diet foods apply to canine J/d, J/d + metabolic, and feline J/d + K/d diets. The food must be paid for in advance, and specially ordered for you. Orders will arrive at our practice within a few days of purchase and you will be notified of its delivery. You must collect your order within 7 days of notification.

7.2 A senior specific consultation applies to a 30 minute comprehensive examination and discussion about your pet’s current health. 

7.3. A comprehensive blood panel applies to a canine or feline total annual health profile run by IDEXX laboratories. A small section of hair will be clipped from your pet’s leg or neck area and the blood sample will be collected whilst you wait. Results can be expected within a few days of sampling.

7.4 A urine analysis applies to an in-house urine specific gravity test and a dipstick test. Where possible, please collect a fresh urine sample from your pet and bring it with you to your senior pet appointment (a urine sample MAY be obtained by a nurse during the consultation if you ensure your pet does not have access to the toilet for 4 hours prior to presentation). If either option is not possible, we can advise what to do next. Pet’s who are extremely difficult to obtain a urine sample from may require an additional medical procedure whereby a needle is placed directly into the bladder via guided ultrasound (and which may incur additional costs – if at all necessary).

7.5 You are entitled to choose between EITHER (1 to 2) fine needle biopsy tests (which involves your veterinarian placing a needle into an external lump, suctioning out some cells – or sometimes fluid, and examining the contents under a microscope), OR (1) monthly arthritis injection. There are benefits to both inclusions and your veterinarian can assist in in making a guided choice if you are unsure of which option to choose. If your pet requires both the lump sampling and arthritis injection options, you may pay an additional fee to add the second test. Your veterinarian can advise you of the relevant costs.