We employ highly qualified Veterinarians who possess a special interest in reproduction and neonatal care.

We offer a wide range of breeding services including:

  • Pre-natal care and advice
  • Infertility investigation
  • Hormone testing
  • Artificial insemination (with excellent conception rates)
  • Ultrasonography (to confirm pregnancy)
  • Radiography (close to due date to confirm litter numbers)
  • Whelping supervision
  • Caesarean sections
  • Post-natal care and advice
  • Vaccination and microchipping for small or large litters
  • Early litter desexing (with an emphasis on precision and care)
  • Hip Scoring (measurement of hip laxity)
  • Canine ‘Certificate of Fitness’ as required by the Canine Control Council

We can also provide advice on products to assist with all aspects of breeding including:

  • Crates and whelping boxes
  • Dietary supplements
  • Premium pet foods
  • Preventative treatments (safe for pregnant, whelping or postpartum pets and thier babies)

We would like to invite breeders to come and meet our Veterinarians and take a tour of our clinic facilities.

Discounts may be negotiated for breeders with four or more actively bred animals.

All breeders wishing to use our services must be registered as part of the QLD Government’s new breeder registration scheme.

Get in touch today! T: (07) 3288 1574 or email: reception@gsvets.com.au.