At Greater Springfield Veterinary we go out of our way to provide personal service to both you and your furry friends. Some pets can find a visit to the vet practice a bit daunting, and that’s why it’s possible for us to come to you!

As with any visit to our clinics, your pet will be thoroughly examined, the only difference being that it’s at a time and place that suits you. A full range of Premium Diets such as Eukanuba and Royal Canin can be brought to your home upon request also.

We also offer home visits at the end of your pet’s life. At this difficult time, being at home in a familiar and stress free-environment is something that you may really appreciate.

We offer some after hours visits for Pet Home Euthanasia upon request. You will then have the option of Pet Cremation at Pets in Peace in Loganholme, or for our staff to take your pet to the clinic for our regular after care service. Alternatively, some owners wish to bury their pets or remember them with potted flowers, a tree or shrub at home.

Please call 3288 1574 to discuss option for home visits.