Our new Springfield Parasite Prevention Program will guarantee your pet receives the treatment it needs, ON TIME, EVERY TIME!

Did you know that several of the parasites carried by dogs and cats can infect people, potentially resulting in serious health problems? Don’t worry! Greater Springfield Veterinary has got you covered!
Some of the products your pet may need include spot-on flea controls, monthly heartworm medications, tick treatments or tablets for gastrointestinal worms.


We help you choose the preventative products that suit your pet’s lifestyle – and organise to have them delivered to you when they are required!


Your parasite preventatives are mailed FREE to you! No more forgetting to protect your furry family – your pet’s preventative arrives in the post, and you administer it!


You won’t have to buy your pet’s parasite preventatives all in one go! Spread out the payments on a monthly basis via direct debits from your credit card or bank account.
It’s no surprise that pet owners get confused when choosing what parasite preventatives products are best for their pets, and It’s easy to forget when you last applied the flea treatment to the cat or gave the worming pill to the dog! When this happens we not only put our pet’s health at risk but also that of our family members.
With the Springfield Parasite Prevention Program, you won’t have to remember a thing!

Please ask us about how you can protect your pet today!