Preventative Care

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Pet Vaccinations

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We regularly see cases of Parvovirus, Kennel Cough, Cat Flu and the feline AIDS virus in the Greater Springfield area.

Pet vaccinations are important in ensuring that your pet has ongoing protection from a range of diseases.

All of our vaccination appointments are inclusive of a ‘top-to-tail’ examination. They also provide a great opportunity for you to ask our vets any questions, ensuring your pet stays in great shape.

It is our goal to provide the highest level of routine care available. We care about your pet’s wellbeing and vaccinations are simply an integral part of maintaining your best friend’s health.

Heartworm Prevention

The heartworm is a parasite spread by the bites of mosquitoes, and which makes it’s way to the heart and pulmonary vessels through the bloodstream. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can find their way into most houses (fly screens or not) which means that even completely indoor pets are at risk of infection, especially in a tropical climate.

Heartworm disease in pets is preventable with easy to administer medications on a monthly or yearly basis.

Flea, Tick And Intestinal Worm Prevention

It is important to treat your pet for internal and external parasites – some of which can be life-threatening. Parasites can itch, irritate and can be generally uncomfortable for your pet, and, these little freeloaders may also infect you!

The only way to protect your pet and your family against parasites is to regularly administer the correct products. The good news is – many preventative products have a combined effect – all in one treatment!

Join our Plantinum Pet Club and have your flea, tick and worming preventatives home delivered to your home, on time, every time! You’ll never forget to administer another dose again!



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