Our Pet Club

Simple and affordable pet healthcare plans paid monthly!

Includes full membership to Pet Club (as below) PLUS free home delivery of your pets *parasite preventatives! Recieve your preventatives on time, every time and never forget to administer another dose again!


  • Unlimited routine consultations
  • 2 half price emergency consultations
  • Annual vaccinations
  • Unlimited nail trims
  • 2 hydrobaths (for our canine members)
  • 2 nights of cat boarding (for our feline members)
  • 1 comprehensive blood screening test
  • 1 basic urine screening test
  • 1 microchip implant
  • 10% off ALL parasite and heartworm control
  • 10% off ALL food and merchandise
  • 10% off ANY medications prescribed by our veterinarians
  • $200 off ANY dental procedure costs

*Platinum Plans include either:


(Plan 1) Annual heartworm Injection plus 3 monthly oral flea, paralysis tick and worming treatment.

(Plan 2) Monthly oral heartworm, flea, paralysis tick and intestinal worming, plus a 3 monthly tapeworm treatment.


(Plan 1) 3 monthly topical flea and paralysis tick treatment, plus a monthly heartworm and intestinal worming tablet.

(Plan 2) monthly topical flea and intestinal worming treatment plus a 3 monthly oral tapeworm treatment.

pet club

Spread the cost of your pet’s routine healthcare over a 12 month period. Make one initial payment upfront, followed by eleven equal monthly direct debit instalments, or pay the total all in one go – It’s up to you!

The more services you require, the more you save!

Our Pet Club and Pet Club Platinum plans (which aim at covering routine health treatments) pairs perfectly with third-party Pet Insurance (which aims at covering emergencies and major illnesses) for your pet’s total wellbeing.

Pet Club membership + Pet Insurance = Peace of Mind.

Call us on 3288 1574 or e-mail reception@gsvets.com.au and sign up today!