We are well and truly into summer this year with temperatures on the rise. It’s extremely important to look out for your pet in these incalescent months. There has been an increase of animals being admitted with cases of heatstroke, so I’ve put together my own basic guide to surviving summer this year.

Keep your pets indoors

A pretty easy one to remember, but keeping your pets indoors can make a huge difference. If you need to leave your pets alone through the day, keeping fans or air conditioning on can ensure your pets can rest in comfort. Close some blinds so they have some areas that are dark, and ensure they have a cool area to sleep.



Increase access to water

Your animals will have an increasing need to hydrate in summer, the cooler and more water there is, the better. In summer, I bring out 3 additional sources of chilled water for my two rottweilers, 2 of which are buckets. When outside, we hose off concrete and provide access to a shell pool for the dogs to swim and lie down on.

Provide cold treats

Cold treats can go a long way with cooling down your pets. Kongs filled with wet food that frozen overnight will cool them down and provide a tasty treat. You can also purchase freezable dog treats for your pets from stores like Coles or Woolworths. My dogs consider ice cold water a treat, so that’s also something you can consider.

Exercise early or late

In summer, I walk my dogs just before the sun rises or just as it’s setting. We usually take them to dog parks so they can have a play with other dogs and have easy access to water, otherwise, I’ll walk them by a river or lake so they can jump in if they get too hot. Walk them on grass if at all possible, and if you can’t keep your hand on the pavement for more than 5 seconds without it being too hot, don’t walk your dogs.



If in any doubt, try to remain indoors and if you have any concern for your pet, please don’t hesitate to call us.

~ Mark Constable