Hi, my name is Dili and I was born in mid 2009. My mum is a Golden Retriever and my dad is a Poodle… This makes me a Groodle. I was lucky and got to move in with a wonderful two-legged family who love me and let me love them back. I like to run around with my two-legged brothers and play fetch or tag. I also like investigating butterflies and other small bugs… Though for some reason they don’t seem to want to play. My fur is oh so soft and it’s a cool red colour. I like going for walks and travelling in the car because every where my two-legged family takes me, other two-legged beings always say what a beautiful dog I am. I’m going to be a mum one day and help the two-legged beings in a place called East Timor. I don’t yet know what this means, but I’m sure it’ll be an experience. So if you are a two-legged being and you are thinking of getting a Groodle like me, I recommend it as us Groodles really fit well in two-legged families. Got to go now as I can see a bird to play with.


Elizabeth & Noodle

Noodle was born 14th April 2007. She went to live and work with people with disabilities in Longreach. She is still with me, but we have moved to Goulburn NSW working with people with disabilities, young people leaving care. Noodle has been amazing in helping adjust them to a new life, she will patiently wait until they are calm and start patting her- then all is well in her world! This year’s picture is taken after a particularly tiring day. She is loving the cold weather- with the early walk in the chill, her head goes up and so does her tail and she struts her stuff! Thankyou for your excellent choice for me.





Donna, Bree, Locky & Oscar

Hello all its Bree, Locky and Donna We just wanted to let you know that Oscar (little boy) is doing very well. Today he went to puppy day care and he went very well top of the class. He is enjoying our garden very much, his our own little gardener, his pulling out the grass and watering it for us, oh and pulling out our sprinklers. He is so great he has made our life wonderful we still have much to learn. We didn’t realise how special Oscar was going to be, our pa/dad passed away un expectedly and the very last picture we had of him was with Oscar. He is very good with our wheelchairs and is very gentle, because as you know we have brittle bones. He is definitely one of a kind, we will keep in touch and let you know of his progress. Thanks so much, we would recommend you to anybody who would be thinking of buying a groodle. Once again thanks, him he now 9 kilos is seems little boy is growing into a big boy. Also Kristy YOU DID THE BEST BEST JOB OF LOOKING AFTER HIM BEFORE HE CAME TO US!!!Thanks one again
Jenni & Tilly


We are very happy with our decision to purchase our groodle pup. Purchasing Tilly through Jeannet’s groodle program gave us confidence that we were buying a healthy pup Tilly has settled in quickly; and with the help of puppy pre-school is an easy to train, beautiful natured dog. She is quite active, but manages to cope with our family mostly being at work or school each day. Tilly joined our family, primarily to become a companion for our son, who enjoys feeding, grooming, playing and walking with her.. She has quickly found a place in all our hearts. She is always close by, enjoys being handled, is easy to groom, easy to please. She puts a smile on all our faces every day!Regards, Jenni


Beverley & Echo

Echo is a beautiful boy and we all love him so much. He is a big sook and tries to please us all the time. We are all surprised at how obedient he is and he has a lovely calm nature. Echo enjoys his bath but is too scared to swim in the pool although we did get him to stand on the baby step and get a little bit wet Him and Jorgie adore each other and love going for a walk to the lake or a drive in the car. We hope Jorgie will learn to behave like him one day as she is very naughty at times. Echo loves chewing shoes and has taught us to put them away but really that is his only vice. Thanks so much for helping with the adoption, Regards Beverley ( 2010 )


Sandi & Fudge

Hi, There’s our girl Fudge on her birthday – she’d lost her party hat by the time this was taken!! How’s she’s enriched our lives. Cheers Sandi








The Spence Family & Cooper

Hi Jeannet, We’ve been meaning for some time to send you photos of our ‘Cooper’ (baby boy of Habibi and Kassie!) so here they are and some feedback for you on Cooper. Well he’s just absolutely adorable and we couldn’t be happier with him. Everywhere we walk him in our suburb people always comment on him, how gorgeous he is! He is such a gregarious and happy dog – always smiling. He has been well and healthy since he arrived and has grown very well indeed! We try to walk him every day. We think he is very much like his Mum!




Kate & Marvin

Good afternoon, Thought you may enjoy this. Marvin at nearly 12 months old (he weighs 32kg!) He is an absolute pleasure and goes everywhere with us. Regards, Kate







Rikki, JP & Ruby

Hello Jeannet, Back in December 2008 we welcomed beautiful Ruby (Chase) into our lives. She is an amazing part of our family and we can’t thank you enough for allowing her to become part of our lives.Ruby is very intelligent and extremely loving. She loves her beagle brother (Bart) and westie brother (Oscar). People stop us on our walk nearly everyday (even when she is clipped and looks ‘nude’) and ask questions about her. We thought you might appreciate a couple of pictures of her. Thank you so much, Rikki and JP ( emailed in May 2011).