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Get everything your pet needs for a flat monthly fee.

Our Pet Club for cats and dogs covers the important preventative care services that pet insurance doesn’t.

Spread The Costs

Make budgeting easy with monthly payments of just $45 or less!

No Stress

Pet Club could mean the difference between visiting the vet or not - even for the smallest of concerns!

It's So Easy!

Feel good knowing your pet's health is taken care of - inside and out!

Pet Club and Pet Insurance go hand-in-hand.

Our Pet Club helps with the costs of expected, regular vets pet care expenses like vaccinations, vet consults, dentistry, grooming/hygeine and discounted pet care products such as food and parasite control.

Pets insurance is intended to help cover unexpected veterinary costs if your pet becomes injured or sick. Some ailments can be very expensive to treat and tricky to budget for.

Pet Club and Pet Insurance compliment each other very well and many of our clients have both.

Pet Club + Pet Insurance = complete coverage and peace of mind!

Pet Club Annual Membership Entitlements



Unlimited Vet Consultations

Bring your pets in to see a veterinarian as many times as you like within regular consulting hours.

Unlimited Vet Nurse Consultations

Includes triage appointments, nail trims, gland expressions and nutritional consultations.

Two Emergency Consultations

Available late nights, weekends and public holidays (**at Augustine Heights location only).


Applies to a full course of puppy or kitten vaccinations, or one adult booster vaccination per membership year.

Preventative Health Screening

Includes one comprehensive blood and urine screen, and one heartworm test per membership year

Microchip Implantation

Ensure your pet has a permanent form of identification (includes full registration).

$200 Off Dental Cleaning Procedures

Members are entitled to $200 off any dental cleaning procedure per membership year.

10% off Parasite Preventatives

Applies to any flea/tick/worming products and includes the annual heartworm injection.

10% Discount off Medicines

Applies to prescription medications dispensed by our veterinarians.

2 Do-It-Yourself Hydrobaths

Available for canine members (**at Augustine Heights location only).

2 Nights Of Standard Boarding

Available for feline members (**at Augustine Heights location only).

Please view our terms and conditions to understand the full membership entitlements.

Stay on top of your budget and keep your pet’s treatment plan, simple.

Pet Club was designed by us, for you.

Save on costs and gain peace of mind in knowing that all of your pet’s preventive health services are covered for the year!

We’ve thought of the whole family!

First Pet

$ 45
Per Month
  • $45.00 upfront
  • + 11 monthly payments of $45.00

Additional Pet(s)

$ 41
Per Month
  • $41.50 upfront
  • + 11 monthly payments of $41.50

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