Reduce your vet bills by up to 80%!

Pet insurance is key in providing you with the freedom to choose the best possible treatment plan for your pet, without compromise.

We will work with your insurer of choice to get the best financial outcome for you.

You can choose a pet insurance policy to suit your budget. The costs can vary depending on the excess limit selected, the benefit percentage applicable to the cover you have chosen, the species, breed and age of your pet.


 We use ‘GapOnly™’

If your pet is insured with a GapOnly™ provider, payment can be made even simpler. 

Rather than paying at the clinic and waiting for reimbursement, we’ll process a claim on the spot for you – and you’ll only need to pay the gap!

Please note special circumstances apply – see our GapOnly FAQ’s

How to submit a claim with us…

Every insurer will have a required claim submission method, however most companies are compatible with our vet software, which means electronic claims can be processed by us on your behalf, for prompt reimbursement of your pet care fees.

If you would like for us to send a claim on your behalf, just send an email to and kindly provide:

And we’ll do the rest!