Pet Insurance

Reduce your vet bills by up to 80%!

Pet insurance is key in providing both you and your veterinarian the freedom to choose the best possible treatment plan for your pet, without compromise.

There are many pet insurance companies to choose from. We advise you to do your research and understand exactly what conditions/procedures your pet will be covered for and/or exempt from before you join.

Our Pet Club is designed to complement all third-party pet insurance plans. A Pet Club membership will cover your pet for preventative health costs (vaccinations, dentistry, general consultations etc) while pet insurance policies aim to cover reactive health costs (illness, accidents, injury etc). Utilising both options means your pet AND your wallet are protected, all year round!

Pet Insurance + Our Pet Club = Peace of Mind for You.

  • Check for any exclusions before signing up – some policies will insure a condition for life, and others will only cover a particular condition for twelve months.
  • If your pet has had any medical problems prior to signing up (even minor conditions), you may be exempt from making claims relating to these issues.
  • Some policies will cover basic illnesses, while others will extend to more serious illnesses and accidents.
  • The policy you choose and the level of cover you receive will be reflected in your monthly premiums.