Excellence With Heart

From Humble Beginnings

Dr. Jeannet Kessels embarked on a remarkable journey of pet care and compassion over 25 years ago, tending to the needs of Greater Springfield’s beloved pets and their families, right from her home in Camira.

“Life circumstances presented themselves and I found myself owning a practice with thirteen staff before I knew what hit me… I suppose I have now grown into the role and find it suits me well”.


2006 – Springfield Hospital

In 2006, as the demand for exceptional veterinary services grew, Springfield Hospital, situated on Woodcrest Way, was established. Recognisable by the iconic bright-red truck parked prominently outside, it swiftly garnered a reputation for being one of the region’s most compassionate and professional veterinary hospitals.

In 2014, Springfield District Vet Clinic earned prestigious accolades from the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), solidifying our position as the foremost veterinary establishment in the region. Notable distinctions included the Nurse of the Year award, presented to Sam Bayley, who continues to serve as our Senior Nurse to this day. We also celebrated the recognition of Jeannet Kessels as Business Manager of the Year.

A crowning achievement for our clinic was the National Practice of Excellence award for Customer Service, a distinction reserved for a singular practice each year, with participants hailing from across Australia. This coveted award underlines our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service to our clients.

Furthermore, we take pride in our status as a finalist for the Telstra QLD Small Business Award.

2015 – Augustine Heights

In 2015, responding to the expanding Greater Springfield community’s needs, a second hospital was established.

Purpose built, and with every detail carefully considered it soon became the ‘go-to’ place for exceptional veterinary and emergency vet care in the area. 

Augustine Heights went on to achieve the prestigious ASAV Hospital of Excellence accreditation from the Australian Veterinary Association. This accreditation represents the highest level attainable in the field of veterinary care.

2021 – Edens Crossing

In 2021, a new chapter unfolded with the inauguration of Eden’s Crossing Hospital in Redbank Plains, an endeavor reflecting the commitment to meeting the publics demand for reliable and professional Veterinary care in the region.

2022 – Springfields Revamp

In 2022, we closed the doors to our original Springfield Hospital and moved to a great new spot around the corner. Our new location at 5 Commercial Drive, Springfield, is a much larger facility, making it our largest of all three sites. This move was in response to local demand, and the new facility boasts several amenities to better serve our clients and their pets.

The new Springfield Hospital includes a dedicated professional Grooming Hub, equipped to ensure your pets are pampered and well-groomed. We’ve also incorporated management offices for improved operational efficiency. The hospital features large, comfortable patient rooms designed to provide a soothing environment for your pets during their stay. We’ve expanded our kennels to offer spacious accommodations for both dogs and cats.

Furthermore, the facility houses a state-of-the-art treatment room to ensure your pets receive the best care. There’s a large outdoor area for dogs to play and exercise, promoting their well-being. Additionally, we’ve created a massive community gathering space complete with a professional kitchen, perfect for hosting staff events and fostering a sense of community among our team members.

Our New Look!

GSV has recently undergone significant transformations to enhance our brand image and better serve our valued clients.

We’ve curated new art illustrations and a vibrant color palette to revitalise our brand identity. Additionally, we’ve developed three distinct logos to represent our individual locations, symbolizing our commitment to personalized service.

Looking to the Future!

To meet the demands of our expanding client base, we’ve welcomed new team members across all departments who are shared across all three locations, ensuring you’ll encounter a familiar and caring face no matter where you choose to visit us.

We take pride in being an independently owned establishment, and our incredible team, which continues to grow (now over 50!), has earned a stellar reputation within our community. We’re truly honored by the trust our clients have placed in us, and whilst we are doing big things, we haven’t forgotten that it’s the small things that matter most.

Our unwavering dedication to “Excellence and Heart” remains at the core of our mission.

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