To enable our business to operate for you, 7 days a week, payment for any veterinary treatment received is required on the day of service. In saying this, we understand that it can be financially and emotionally stressful for you when your pet is sick, and when you do not have the funds to support them.

Treating your pet is a priority to us – we always try to do the best that we can for you within financial reason. You may be eligible for a payment plan which we can help you arrange, through one of two, trusted, third-party credit providers ensuring your four-legged companion receives the best care possible.

If you are experiencing an emergency situation with your animal and you are unable to pay on the day of service, you will need to apply for VetPay or ZipMoney. These third-party credit lenders provide flexible payment plans for the immediate treatment of your pet by allowing you to pay your bill over a longer period of time.

The applications can be performed online or at one of our clinics.  They are then instantly processed with most applications being approved on the spot. VetPay and ZipMoney will automatically direct debit your account or credit card and pay Greater Springfield Veterinary for the services provided to you.