Have fun at puppy school!

Suitable for the whole family!

Start your puppy’s learning journey today.

Dogs learn vital skills when they are young.

These early life experiences influence how your puppy will play, communicate and adjust to different situations as he develops into an adult dog. 

5 Week Course

Classes are run on weekday evenings, once a week, for five consecutive weeks, at 6:45pm from our Springfield Hospital.

Safe Learning Space

Our learning space is thoroughly disinfected before every lesson and all pups are closely supervised to ensure everyone has a great time.

Fun & Informative!

Our classes are fun for the whole family. We follow up with 'how-to' videos and info sheets so everyone at home can get involved too.

Our aim is to help you shape a content and confident dog.

Our puppy school course is designed for pups aged between 8-15 weeks of age and will teach you appropriate handling techniques, and how to achieve nice ‘doggie manners’, so you can enjoy the company of your dog for many years to come.

You might even learn some cool party tricks too!

By keeping our classes small (5 dogs maximum), we can provide individual attention and ensure that every pup benefits from a calm, safe learning environment.

We use positive reinforcement techniques for fast puppy learning.

We use the ‘clicker’ training method. 

A ‘clicker’ is a small handheld device that you ‘click’ to identify the exact moment your dog does something you want him to. 

A treat is given immediately following the click. 

Your puppy will learn to love the clicker and respond because:


What We Cover…

Toilet training.

Managing play biting and chewing behaviours.

Obedience exercises and preliminary focus training.

The importance of cognitive development and ‘how’ dogs learn.

Fun, safe and appropriate socialisation.

Effective strategies to avoid developing anxieties or phobias.

Building trust, confidence and reinforcing the bond between you and your puppy.

Body language, effective communication and ‘how’ to encourage fast puppy learning.

Course Fees & 


Our 5 week course costs $169.00.

You will receive your clicker device for training.

We will send you follow-up emails with your puppy training resources (including exercise videos), every week.

Puppy graduation certificate and gift pack on the final night.

Please note…

Your puppy’s first vaccination must be administered at least 7 days prior to attending our classes. Please bring your certificate as proof (if this has not been carried out at one of our hospitals).

When & Where…



3/2-4 Woodcrest Way, 


QLD, 4300.


6:45pm – 7:45pm

Currently on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We have plenty of parking available on site.

Bookings are essential.

Current COVID-19 Restrictions

Whilst we normally invite the whole family to puppy school classes, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are only allowing two family members to attend in person, ensuring safe social distancing procedures are adhered to 

Due to small class sizes, we fill up, fast!

Call or email us to book your place today.

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