• What is a reasonable time frame to cancel? surgery 48 hours unless special circumstance 24 appointments. 
  • Process for Gap/insurnace pre-approvals I do all pre-approvals for u/s echo and ortho deposit 50% 
  • Maybe a clause about skin disease/unwell pets for procedures not going ahead? yes, for all surgeries 
  • We are not 24hrs yes ( AES, ARH) Transfer Owners must transfer their own patient 
  • Your pet may be transported to GSVH? DONT KNOW IS THIS IS A THING? yes, we can if need for later pick up only due to late surgery. 
  • Fasting – if your pet has eaten, he may be rescheduled or pushed back late.
  • Anything else you can think of?
  • behaviour? (traz / gabba)  surgery been rescheduled as we want all patients to feel safe and comfortable in clinic (positive experience) and safely for patient and staff.
  • Age of consent over 18
  • available all day when patients in for any procedure or in hospital.
  • deposits for Hospital patients over $500, 50% deposit
  • Transfer animal ambulance if require 02, accounts must be paid before and aes and arh owners need to be at referral hospital for transfer .


  • Do we take deposits and how much (for external specialists etc) 50% 


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