Greater Springfield Veterinary Pet Club (Pet Club) memberships are provided to help pet owners improve and maintain the health of their pets. Each plan has been designed by Greater Springfield Veterinary (which includes Greater Springfield Veterinary Pty Ltd ACN 602 939 588, Springfield District Vets Pty Ltd ACN 60 390 703 and Eden’s Crossing Vet Pty Ltd ACN 646 555 071 and any of the related entities) and is administered by Health CX Pty Ltd ACN 635970348. Veterinary services are provided by Greater Springfield Veterinary and Health CX Pty Ltd supplies your payment management and online system. 

1. Services do not include those not provided by Greater Springfield Veterinary.

2. Pet Club is not a form of pet insurance. Pet Club plans are intended to maintain and improve your pet’s overall health with comprehensive preventative and health check services.

3. There is no waiting period required to join Pet Club. Benefits and discounts are applied to your pet’s account immediately upon joining.

4. Benefits are set out in the relevant brochure, online, or as communicated in writing to the member. The following limitations apply:

4.1 Annual vaccinations must be prescribed by your veterinarian. Applies to a complete course of juvenile vaccinations or one (1) adult vaccination per membership year. A C5 (Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Bordatella, Parainfluenza) for dogs and an F3 (Panleukopenia, Calicivirus, Rhinotracheitis) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) vaccination for cats is included.

4.2 Unlimited vet consultations are to be utilised during regular consultation hours (8am-8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am-3.00pm on Saturdays (excluding public holidays). Consultations are not extended to external specialist services. Does not include house calls or behavioural consultations.

4.3 Unlimited vet nurse consultations apply to triage appointments, nail trims, anal gland expressions, arthritis injections and pet nutritional consultations. Pets requiring sedation medications for nail trims will incur additional fees in association with this procedure.

4.4 Two (2) emergency consultations per membership year are to be utilised at the Augustine Heights Hospital location between the hours of 7am-8am Monday to Friday, 2pm-8pm Saturday, 7am-8pm Sunday and on all public holidays, excluding Christmas day.

4.5 10% Discount on medications applies to prescription medications dispensed by Greater Springfield Veterinary veterinarians. Does not include written prescriptions. Does not include compounded medicines.

4.6 Preventative health screening includes one (1) in-house urinalysis, one (1) pre-anaesthetic blood test and one (1) heartworm test per membership year.

4.7 One (1) microchip implantation includes a consultation to insert the chip, and full registration of owner details with a national database.

4.8 $200 off dental procedures applies to one (1) dental cleaning procedure per membership year. Does not apply to deciduous tooth or tooth root abscess extraction procedure fees.

4.9 Two (2) nights of standard cat boarding per membership year are available for feline members and may be redeemed at Greater Springfield Veterinary – Augustine Heights Hospital. Not available on public holidays.

4.10 Two (2) hydrobaths per membership year are available for canine Pet Club members is self-service only – accessible at the Greater Springfield Veterinary – Augustine Heights Hospital location during opening hours.

4.11 10% Discount on parasite preventatives is applicable to any parasite control products sold at Greater Springfield Veterinary and includes the yearly canine heartworm injection.

4.12 10% Discount on pet food and merchandise applies to all stock sold through Greater Springfield Veterinary hospitals and includes regular and prescription foods, toys, accessories and behavioural aides.

5. We strive to maintain an updated inventory of products and services offered. However, in certain circumstances, products or services may become unavailable due to factors beyond our control and we will make every effort to source a suitable alternative of comparable value and quality. Greater Springfield Veterinary does not offer financial compensation for products or services that are unavailable or substituted and cannot be held liable for any losses, damages, or inconvenience resulting from the substitution of products or services.

6. Services provided are on a fair use basis for the benefit of all members. In circumstances where Greater Springfield Veterinary considers the usage of a benefit to be unreasonable, the policyholder will be notified and if the unreasonable usage continues after notification, it may result in termination of the membership without further notice.

7. Membership is limited to the nominated pet (canine or feline). Separate memberships may be purchased for each additional family pet at a discounted fee. If the policyholder has two or more pets in Pet Club and the ‘first pet’ membership is cancelled or ends, the ‘additional pet’ membership will be bumped to a ‘first pet’ membership and monthly associated costs may change as a result.

8. Pet Club memberships do not give priority status in terms of appointments. Whilst Greater Springfield Veterinary will try to accommodate members where necessary, there may be occasions where our team is unable to provide service to you at short notice. In this case, the policyholder is responsible for deciding whether to wait for the next available appointment time, or, to seek alternative veterinary arrangements.

9. Services/benefits included in Pet Club cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

10. Any additional goods or services provided outside Pet Club entitlements will be payable according to the current fee schedules. This includes consultations that exceed standard 30 minute time slots, whereby the ‘regular’ part of the Pet Club consultation will be covered, and the policyholder will pay the difference between the standard and extended consultation fee.

11. Failure to comply with our appointment cancellation terms and conditions may result in the consultation fee being charged in full.

12. The policyholder may transfer the Pet Club membership of one pet to another if the transferee agrees to the terms of membership and provides their payment details and authority to Greater Springfield Veterinary. Transfer of membership must occur between the same species (dog-to-dog or cat-to-cat). Services/benefits with a limit usage and which have already been claimed by the previous pet member will be void.

13. Pet Club fees will be charged monthly via direct debit through an external finance company.

14. Pet Club subscriptions will automatically renew after 12 months, unless requested in writing by the policyholder.

15. Pet Club cancellation requests must be emailed from the policyholder to

16. If Pet Club cancellation is required before the subscription end date, services/benefits already utilised may not have been fully paid for. In this situation, the policyholder is responsible for the remaining payments on the plan, or for the full retail value for services used within the plan, minus the value of monthly payments already made within that plan year.

17. Membership benefits may change at the discretion of Greater Springfield Veterinary.

18. The fee schedule is set by, and may change at the discretion of Greater Springfield Veterinary. The policyholder will be advised of any changes to plan fees via email.

19. You agree to receive communication from Health CX.

20. You authorise Greater Springfield Veterinary to share your personal contact details, details of your pet(s) and payment information with Health CX (only) for the purpose of managing your membership.

21. By applying for this membership you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions.

22. These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. Any revisions will be effective immediately upon posting on our website or other communication channels.