PET Care

Ageing is inevitable. Helping your pet grow old gracefully is our mission!

If it has been longer than 6-12 months since your 7yrs+ pet visited us, or, if you’d like to find out exactly where your senior pet’s health stands, this is the perfect opportunity for a visit!

Illness in senior pets often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed. 

Watching a pet companion grow older is a rewarding experience. It is hard to believe that the same bundle of energy running around the house many years ago is now the calm of friend, curled in your laps or at your feet. 

Pets age differently to humans, so, for them, a check up once a year is like us visiting our doctor every 5 – 7 years! Within this timeframe, especially for a senior pet, issues can crop up quickly.

Only available during June & July!

Senior Pet Consultation

Focusing on eyesight, hearing, joint care, teeth, skin, nails, heart, cognition and lumps/bumps. 

Comprehensive Blood Screen

Focused on vital internal health functions and sent to an offsite laboratory for expert testing.

Urine Testing

In-house urine examination to rule out common illnesses such as kidney disease, urine infections and diabetes. 

1 x Optional Extra Service

Fine needle biopsy of up to two lumps OR a monthly arthritis injection – you choose!

20% Off Hills Diets

Get discounts on prescription joint, weight and kidney diets to maintain optimal senior pet health.

Inclusions valued at $505.00 – Pay $329.00!

Please view our Senior Pet Month terms and conditions.