GSV Awards

Excellence With Heart

Our talented team has a proven track record. Our goal is to maintain a standard of excellence in everything we do.

 Hospital of Excellence – Augustine Heights

Our Augustine Heights Hospital is ASAV Accredited (the highest level of accreditation possible). Greater Springfield Veterinary is the only accredited veterinary hospital in Ipswich, one of two accredited veterinary hospitals within the Greater Brisbane Area and one of only four accredited hospitals in Queensland. Awarded by the Australian Veterinary Association, this accolade recognises our practice for attaining the highest level of pet healthcare, customer service and practice management in an innovative, state-of-the-art facility. To pass accreditation, we were required to meet rigorous standards across all aspects of veterinary care via an independent assessment, which included assessing our customer service, cleaning procedures, health and safety, hospital facilities, patient care, record keeping, policies, procedures and staff training. We aim to inspire other small animal practitioners when assessing their own facilities and standards. Being an accredited ‘Hospital of Excellence’ gives pet owners the assurance that their pet is being looked after according to ‘Best Practice’ standards, in a facility that has the necessary equipment, skills and personnel to provide the absolute best in patient care.

National Practice of Excellence – Springfield Hospital

The Australian Veterinary Association awarded our Springfield Hospital with the prestigious Practice of Excellence Award for Customer Service. This accolade recognises us as a business that delivers nothing less than outstanding service to our clients. Only one practice is awarded each year and entrants are Australia-wide.

Telstra QLD Small Business Award Finalist – Springfield Hospital

Our Springfield Hospital was named a small business finalist in one of the most prestigious business awards in Australia. We were able to meet strict judging criteria, demonstrating that our practice functioned at an exceptional level.

Veterinary Nurse Student of the Year

One of our most dedicated Veterinary Nurses, Sam Bayly, received this award in 2014. She is now fully qualified and delivers exceptional care to your pets, every day.

Business Manager of the Year

Nominated by her peers, our ‘incredible boss lady’ and Greater Springfield Veterinary owner Dr Jeannet Kessels proudly accepted this distinguished title. She was awarded by the Australian Veterinary Business Association (AVBA) – an independent organisation driven by fostering the development of outstanding veterinary business success.

Small Business of the Year Winner – Springfield Hospital

Greater Springfield Veterinary was awarded the title of Small Business of the Year as part of the inaugural Springfield Chamber of Commerce Awards. It was a great honour to win in such a prestigious awards system, aimed at highlighting diversity and depth of talent within the broader Ipswich business community.