Cat F3 and FIV
vaccination Shortage

Worldwide shortage of feline vaccines including F3 and FIV

Urgent Information for Cat Owners

All veterinary clinics in Australia are experiencing the effects of a worldwide shortage of feline vaccines including F3 and FIV. Reasons for the shortage are complex, but the issue is expected to continue into 2024. 


As a result, GS Vets have very limited stocks of F3 vaccines remaining and supply is unlikely to be able to meet demand in the coming months.  GS Vets will be adhering to the guidelines released by the Australian Veterinary Association to ensure vaccines are allocated to pets at the highest risk of disease.  We thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we navigate this unprecedented shortage

How Can I Protect My Cat?

If your cat is overdue for vaccination, please don’t be too alarmed. There are things you can do to reduce their risk of infection:

  • Keep your cat indoors
  • Wash your hands and change in-contact clothing after patting / interacting with cats from outside the home
  • Use pet sitters instead of catteries if possible
  • If using catteries, choose from facilities like those on our list which provide individual, easily cleaned spaces, not communal areas.

Will My Cat Need A Booster?

Duration of vaccine protection can vary from cat to cat and depends on a range of factors. The duration of vaccine delay partly determines the requirement and number of boosters required to re-establish immunity. 

Our vets advocate for individualised medicine that to ensure their recommendations are specific to your cat’s risks and needs.  

How will I know when vaccinations are available?

During your annual health check with one of our vets your name will be placed on a waitlist.

The price for this visit and full general health check will be $125.00.

As soon as a vaccination becomes available, we will call you to book an appropriate time with a Senior Nurse to administer the vaccination. There is no additional cost for this appointment.